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About Ross

"I want to create work that inspires positive change in the world. I don't want to tell people how to live their lives, but I do want to make them think and question everything they know."

Ross Unger is an Australian composer, orchestrator and musician who specialises in Musical Theatre, music for Theatre, Film Scores, and Jazz.

Ross Unger and Katie Macdonald under umbrella of the interdisciplinary artist group "Dramatic Changes" and as part of Workshirt Opera's Festival of new writing presented new musical "Washington Square". This full-length, multi-medium, musical, theatrical and narrative experience explores themes of prejudice, wealth inequality and homelessness. It was presented on 3 May 2016 in Halifax (Canada) in Bus Stop Theatre.

Ross Unger has written hundreds of compositions. Having studied with several composition experts including Thomas Reiner, Peter MacIlwain, Jordan Murray, and Lachlan Davidson. Ross has become a skilled artisan in the field of composition. He writes at least a song a day!

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Backing Tracks

Ross Unger produces performance grade backing tracks using a combination of real instruments and high quality samples. This synthesis of live and sampled allows Ross to produce large sounding orchestral backing tracks while maintaining an acceptable level of realism. Check out some of his work:

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Ross Unger's primary skill is in orchestration. Ross has orchestrated several musicals, and some film scores. His dream is to orchestrate an animated childrens musical such as Aladdin or Anastasia. Check out some of his work:

  • Lucy's Bedtime
  • Falling
  • Apocalypse
  • Iron Mask

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Ross Unger writes musicals. Check out samples of some of his shows:

  • Rum & Raisin
  • Apocalypse
  • Garden Of Eden
  • Iron Mask

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Transcription Service

Ross Unger has spent many years studying music theory, and training his aural skills. Having trouble finding sheet music? No problem, just provide a youtube link or an mp3 and Ross Unger will write out the music for you.

Recording Studio

Ross Unger runs a small recording studio in East Bentleigh. Check out some recordings made by Ross Unger and Dramatic Changes:

  • Fulton Street
  • The Mimics
  • Sarah Jane Haywood: This is your song

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Music Production

Ross Unger helps artists achieve their vision

  • Fairy Song
  • Cinderella Song
  • Red Hot Tip


Ross Unger is available for hire as an instrumentalist. His primary instruments are Bass Guitar, Piano, and Guitar. He also has some experience with Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Saxophone, Violin, Percussion, and vocals. Check out some of the shows he’s worked on:

  • Mia Mia
  • Velvet
  • Horror Of The Inch

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Sound Design

Ross Unger designs sound for Theatre and Live Performances. Check out some of his past works:

  • Frankenstein In Love
  • Peter and Paisley: Two Knights Only
  • Abacus

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