Ross Unger

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Photo of Ross Unger

Ross Unger is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores themes of queerness, immigration, neurodiversity, and other inter-sectional feminist ideas. In 2015/2016 Ross immigrated to Turtle Island (Canada) and co-founded a social justice community arts nonprofit called Dramatic Changes (www.dramaticchanges.ca). Ross has created queer childrens books, full length musicals, jazz compositions, performance art pieces, immersive experiences, and an anti-oppressive improv troupe.


California Fires

An improvised solo piano performance

Washington Square

A musical about wealth inequality

The Quota

A verbatim theatre shadow puppet show about immigration and citizenship

Party At The Old Folks Home

Excerpts from a musical about embracing change

Feminist Dance Anthems

Lyric videos for Feminist Dance Anthems Volume 1

Youth Anthem

A music video about youth changing the world created at Act4GlobalChange youth conference 2016

Dear Diary

A short film about mental health, shot on Super8


Feminist Dance Anthems

An album of feminist dance anthems

Unbridled Piano

Solo Long-form Improvised Piano Compositions

Washington Square

Demo recordings

Ross Unger Real Book

Samples from the Ross Unger Real Book - a song a day for a year



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